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Dr. Vino recently shared his top pick for wine apps — Delectable. The reason this one stands out amidst the vat of others for the doctor? Because you can take even crappy pictures of the wine you’re drinking at any given moment, and the “minions” behind the app will supply all relevant information about the juice, from producer and region to what kind of consumers are enjoying it. Essentially, Dr. Vino ranks it highly because the design accomplishes for wine what design attempts to accomplish these days for so many realms: a reflection of its users. This app not only gives you information, it does so upon a spectrum of who you are because of this data. It not only brings light to a dim-lit photo of a delicious bottle, but to a perhaps dim understanding of where your tastebuds fall in the oft-obscure and erudite world of wine. No wonder he, and 900 reviewers, like it.

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